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What is the School of Automation?

The School of Automation (SOA) is an apprenticeship and career management employer with a unique methodology of selection, training and mentoring of talent so they can launch successfully into the world of Process Automation.

Our Strength & Support 

SOA has been born out of the partnership of two leading companies aimed at aligning education with a growth sector.

ABP Innovation is the company within ABP Group responsible for designing and developing new and innovative projects around digital transformation to life. This experience is leveraged by ABP Consultancy, a Business Process Management company specialised in developing tailored and “fit for purpose” automation solutions for their clients. ABP operates in various countries and has over 60 international clients. ABP is recognised by clients, partners and analysts as one of the top players in the Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotics (RPA) markets.

TIGERS (Training Initiatives Generating Effective Results Scotland) is a relationship driven training and development employer. TIGERS create working and learning environments to allow education to meet employment. TIGERS’ have almost 20years of experience in supporting people with complex needs and barriers to progression into the world of work. TIGERS’ pedagogy is that relationships come before attainment.

We are also a proud partner of the market leader in Robotic Process Automation, UiPath.  UiPath support our approach of creating career pathways for individuals who might never have the opportunity to start a career in automation. Through our Academic Alliance partnership, we can leverage their community edition software licences to ensure our people are using and being trained on cutting edge RPA software and to be able to take these skills and be part of automation projects.

Our partners offer their unwavering support for SOA to create an inclusive career pathway for people to meet their infinite potential in Process Automation.

The apprentice view

As a young developer with SOA you will receive both personal and technical skills supported by an apprenticeship framework throughout your journey. Our training support will prepare you technically to effectively use the RPA software, but we will also support you personally to meet the challenges of work and life. The 18-month journey allows you the time and space to develop and mature into a skilled RPA developer in a safe and secure environment. You will gain the required project experience and industry certification to allow you to confidently go to market as a developer.

The nurture and development of new talent to the sector requires support from like-minded organisations who believe what we believe about creating a grassroots talent pipeline. One of our early adopters and forward-thinking partners Costain Group PLC saw the need to develop younger talent and the benefits that young people can bring to business and their teams. Our young SOA developers built a carbon capture robot “Keith” that went on to win a Leading Edge award within the company. Our young developers are currently working to deliver 5 processes for Costain over the next month.

Now is the time 

Digital transformation is impacting businesses worldwide and we require people with the skills to meet that demand and growth. In 2019, the global digital transformation market was valued at USD 284.38 billion. To put it into perspective in the UK, since 2012 £3.2bn has been spent by the Government on digital, data and technology services. This clear financial investment to digital transformation highlights the growth and the need for new skills and talent. The time is now to support people with the right training and skills so that they feel included and part of the journey.

Visit our website and find out more about how to become a partner:

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