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Empowering future innovators with equality and inclusion, at the heart of what we do: At the School of Automation, we're dedicated to providing top-tier technological education while ensuring equal opportunities for all.


Our dynamic learning environment welcomes aspiring automation professionals from diverse backgrounds, offering access to cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on expertise. We support career transitions and promote inclusivity and diversity in automation.

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a new career

Enrol in our comprehensive, hands-on training program designed to prepare you for a promising future in process automation. Our courses are carefully structured to empower you with the knowledge and practical skills essential for success.

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or reskill staff

If you’re looking to bolster your automation teams with the right skills, the School of Automation has the expertise you need. Explore how we’ve been assisting corporations in sourcing and nurturing top automation talent.

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If you’re looking to bolster your automation teams with the right skills, the School of Automation has the expertise you need. Explore how we’ve been assisting corporations in sourcing and nurturing top automation talent.


Embark on Your Automation Career Journey

At the School of Automation, we believe in the power of real-life success stories to inspire and guide aspiring automation professionals. Our dedicated students and graduates have embarked on remarkable journeys, launching rewarding careers in automation. 

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Trainee Testimonial: Filip Cosarca

Filip always had a passion for analysing how the things around him work, and over the years, this has led him on the path of Computer Science. Filip completed our 12-week training course before going forward for an interview with NHS Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.
“I extend my gratitude to the School of Automation for their invaluable Trainee program and their referral to the NHS. The course not only provided me with a solid foundation in automation but also showcased how I can leverage my diverse skills and professional background in a single, fulfilling role. Thank you for the KickStart, SoA!”

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Heather Macdonald

Heather, a remarkable individual who embarked on a transformative journey with us. Witness Heather's compelling story as she shares her experience of training with the School of Automation and ultimately transitioning into fulfilling full-time employment

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School of Automation Trainees with Kevin Kelly - our client

Employer Testimonial
from the Health Service Executive

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“We have worked with the School of Automation since 2020 and plan to continue as a way of finding new resources and talent. To date, we have found that their approach and quality of training is evident through the competency of their developers, and we are delighted to have been able to offer full-time positions to the first two developers who completed their SOA traineeships with us” 

Kevin Kelly - General Manager, (RPA Centre of Excellence & Business Services CRM)

Employers that work with the School of Automation

  • What is AI-powered automation?
    AI-powered automation, is a technology that involves the creation and management of software to perform tasks and actions that were traditionally time-consuming for humans. By utilising data and executing actions, it enhances accuracy, saves time, and minimizes human errors.
  • How can I become an automation developer?
    Embarking on a career in AI-powered automation I is easily achievable with the right training and knowledge. You can initiate this journey at any stage in your career, whether you're just starting out or seeking a career change. At the School of Automation, we are dedicated to equipping you with the essential skills and training to progress in your automation career. Apply for an Intelligent Automation course now.
  • Why choose the School of Automation?
    The School of Automation distinguishes itself by being a friendly and approachable team. Our vision is to accelerate talent into sustainable future employment within this thriving industry. We combine training expertise, technical knowledge, and partnerships with leading automation software providers to ensure your automation career begins on the right foot. Learn more about the School of Automation.
  • How can the School of Automation help in developing a career in AI-powered automation?
    We have established partnerships with automation industry leaders and businesses actively seeking automation developers. Our training emphasises hands-on experience, providing you with practical skills to excel in AI-powered automation. Find out more about our Career Pathways.
  • How long is the training?
    In Ireland, we offer a 12-week foundation program covering core fundamentals. A 1-year Software Process Automation Developer Traineeship is available for those who have completed the foundation course. In Scotland and England, our 12-week foundation program introduces core concepts, on completion we introduce you to our employer partners for job interviews and help you secure employment. The School of Automation can also provide training through government or local authority programs, with details varying throughout the year. We offer commercial training for industry professionals, ranging from five to 20 days. Learn more about our Career Pathways.
  • What is the average salary of an automation developer?
    Junior (entry-level): £18,000 - £25,000 1-2 years of client experience: £25,000 - £35,000 3-5 years of client experience: £35,000 - £45,000 5 years or more of client experience: £50,000 and above Learn more about our Career Pathways.
  • What kind of clients can I expect to work with or consult for?
    Client work can vary across both the public and private sectors. The versatility of your automation skills and technology allows you to apply them across all industries and sectors. Learn more about the Partners we work with.
  • What are the criteria for being selected for the training course?
    At the School of Automation, we aim to eliminate barriers to joining our courses. All candidates undergo interviews and assessments based on their individual merit. While we do not require mandatory qualifications, we do assess basic technical skills and personal qualities before starting any of our courses. We are always on the lookout for individuals with potential, and there are various ways to demonstrate this. Apply for an Intelligent Automation course now.
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