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Investing in People for Careers in Automation

The School of Automation is dedicated to facilitating the development of successful careers in automation across the UK and Ireland. Building careers, changing lives and making a difference through AI-powered automation.

Our goal is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of talent as the technology industry expands, addressing the high demand for automation skills. This initiative will unlock long-term opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution economy. Governments worldwide acknowledge the critical importance of digital literacy, data analytics, and specialised upskilling, such as in AI and Automation, in closing the gap between increasing demand and limited skill availability.

The School of Automation has embarked on a mission to accelerate talent into sustainable future employment in this growing industry. We aim to provide education and industry skills that align with this.

So if you are unemployed, fresh out of education or even looking for a career change the School of Automation can help you.

Digital Transformation and Its Scope

Digital transformation has taken centre stage in the agendas of organisations, both in the public and private sectors. The global digital transformation market was valued at USD 731.13 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7% from 2023 to 2030  .

Moreover, recent global events, including the pandemic, have accelerated the adoption of digital initiatives as organisations seek more efficient ways of working and enable remote work.


But What Is Digital Transformation?

The term “digital transformation” is frequently used but can be summarised as the shift from traditional techniques to a more digitally-driven mode of business operations, leveraging process automation and advanced technologies. Digital transformation has the potential to streamline and integrate all business operations, enhancing business performance efficiency and improving customer service. It allows organisations to streamline their operations, saving time and resources, and, most importantly, freeing resources for more value-added tasks. It represents the future of work for both employers and employees.

School of Automation and Its Role in Enabling Digital Transformation

The School of Automation was established with a mission to provide training and mentorship to individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to contribute to the digital transformation journey. Simultaneously, we offer them the opportunity for sustainable employment in the dynamic fields of process automation.

Meet The Team

School of Automation Director Jorge Soares

Jorge Soares


School of Automation CEO - Marc Cooper

Marc Cooper

Operations Director


Yuliya Aladogan

Commercial Director

School of Automation Training Manager - Julie Scott

Julie Scott

Training &
Development Manager

School of Automation Technical Trainer - Waseem Butt

Waseem Butt

Technical Trainer

School of Automation Technical Trainer - Sophia Connolly

Sophia Connolly

Technical Trainer

Meet Our Co-Founders and Directors

School of Automation Director Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson

Co-Founder & Director

School of Automation Director Afonso Noguiera

Afonso Nogueira

Co-Founder & Director

ABP Group Shared Services

School of Automation HR

Raquel Lourenço

HR & Talent Specialist

School of Automation Finance

Ricardo Oliva

Head of Finance

School of Automation Legal

Chara Spyrou

Head of Legal

School of Automation Marketing

David Cutten

Head of Marketing & Comms

ABP Global Structure

ABP School of Automation is apart of the ABP Global Group.

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