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Broadening Opportunities

Updated: Jan 15

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School of Automation have core offerings and services for people and businesses in Process Automation. We support new entrants into the sector via an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship model and offer businesses professional training services to upskill or reskill existing staff with automation skills for the future.

We want to broaden the opportunities for people to release their creativity and develop the technical skills to transform the world around them.

“We aim to offer an alternative pathway and option, for people looking for work, who want to enter a career in Process Automation or for those already in work to upskill or reskill through our professional training courses in order to meet the rapid growth in Digital Transformation.” - Marc Cooper, CEO School of Automation.

Broadening Opportunities

One of our key pillars is to broaden the opportunities and we believe there is a huge talent pool of individuals who have the potential to have a successful career in automation. Most people would agree that the route to such a career existed via an academic route through university and coming into the sector as a graduate. (which does exist, and many people do and are successful) but what about the thousands of others who choose a different route to find their way in the world. Our point is there is no right or wrong path here, we are creating an alternative path that allows more talented individuals the opportunity to train and gain the required skills to enter the sector.

Our aim is to be inclusive and provide opportunities to people who may have thought a career in automation was beyond their reach. We have started in Glasgow and have successfully run 2 courses employing 15 new junior developers who will support businesses with their automation projects. Our new developers all started with almost no or limited knowledge of Process Automation and they have successfully completed their initial training journey. We have a varied age range from 17yrs old through to 28yr olds and they all found their way from a variety of previous experiences from school leavers, college leaver, unemployed, part time working or some who previously left university. We want to show others that no matter what your previous experience has been to date, you can be part of this exciting digital transformation, and have a career in tech.

“I had no idea that I could have a career in Process Automation and now that I know more, this is the future of work” - Wayne Ncube, Junior Process Automation Developer, SOA.

A fitting example of this, is the story of one of our brightest junior developers Marla Chalmers. Marla finished her secondary education at Springburn Academy in Glasgow and was very unsure of her next steps, she had no experience of the world of work and was lacking in confidence and self-belief. Marla spent valuable time with a local training provider building on her personal and professional skills before progressing from there to our initial 12-week core training programme. It was here that we could see the potential, that Marla had a natural understanding of technology and very quickly picked up the skills required to use the Robotic Process Automation software. Marla has recently passed her UiPath (RPA Associate) industry certificate and is currently working on a client partner project (Costain Group Plc). She is an inspiration to others and works so hard to keep learning and we look forward to what the future holds for her. #women in tech

“I chose this apprenticeship programme because it is a great opportunity in a sector that interested me. I had no prior knowledge of RPA but was intrigued by it and excited to learn more. I feel like I have grown professionally and hope to evolve even further as a developer through this apprenticeship with SoA. I like that they are so focused on being creative and inspiring innovation while still caring about the people as well.” Marla Chalmers

If you are interested in finding out more about School of Automation, please get in touch through our website;

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