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Creating Sustainable Employment in the Face of Adversity

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The pandemic has been particularly hard on young people and employment levels are hitting a record low. Businesses are now transforming the way they operate to be able to adapt and thrive, in a world of new technology and digital transformation.

Process automation offers great opportunities, but is our youth ready?

New research has found that almost half of young people (47%) aged between 16-24 believe that one day they will work in a role that does not exist yet, but only one in five (18%) think they are equipped with the skills required to future-proof their careers. Almost three quarters (74%) also feel that they are not getting enough information about careers that will be available in the future. (Stats provided by The Manufacturer)

How SoA is creating opportunities through COVID-19 and beyond

McKinsey Global Institute report estimated that by 2030, automation will drive 75 to 375 million jobs. School of Automation is on a mission to create sustainable employment for new talent by providing them with the training and support to gain knowledge and skills of emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation. Process Automation is recognised as one of the technologies that is defining the future of work. The adoption of Process Automation technologies has been further accelerated by the pandemic leaving a huge skills gap and need for resource. Preparing talent to take on process automation projects would support businesses embark on automation projects with confidence, whilst at the same time providing a sustainable eco system of new talent into the sector.

We provide support and training to new developers. and offer them real tangible experience, to develop their knowledge and skills by creating alternative career paths into Process Automation.

Throughout the pandemic we have continued our recruitment and training via our online learning platform/portal, were our technical trainers guide you through the journey.

Our apprentices have worked on real live client projects and have found the experience invaluable. Our client partners have been delighted with the quality and standards of work produced and continue to engage with us on future automation projects. Read more about how we have helped fill the automation skill gap (link to Costain blog here)

Going strong, despite the challenges

Hear from our newest employees at School of Automation about gaining employment and what they are looking forward to in the year ahead;

“I chose this apprenticeship programme because it is a great opportunity in a field that interested me. Even with no prior knowledge of RPA specifically, I was intrigued by it and excited to learn more. I feel like I have grown a lot already and hope to evolve even further as a developer through this apprenticeship with SoA. I like that they are so focused on being creative and inspiring innovation while still caring about the people as well.” - Marla Chalmers, Group 1

“Through the programme, I would like to achieve a full-time job in automation. It was the aspect of learning new and useful skills for the future whilst getting the real experience of working with colleagues and clients. The thing I like most about SoA is that no matter what stage of automation I get to, there is always ways I can be shown to improve and get better.” - Evan McFadden, Group 2


The future of work is changing, and we need to support people to develop the right skills and attributes in order to be ready for digital transformation. More and more businesses are looking for new skills and experience and Process Automation is one of those growing trends in the market. SOA provides individuals an alternative career path into Process Automation via hands on learning, training and upskilling supported by qualification and industry certification.

The global pandemic has had such a devastating impact on many lives and the long term effects are yet to be fully known. What we do believe is that people need opportunities now more than ever to feel part of something and to give them a sense of worth and belonging.

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