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Our Team

Meet the Team

Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, working with and leading people. We are a collaborative group of individuals who all bring our expertise and knowledge of human relationships and creating positive cultures and environments for others to thrive. We compliment this with our expert knowledge of technology and various software.

Our aim is to provide individuals a safe and supportive environment to work where they can have purpose and reach their infinite potential. We want to use technology to positively transform the world around us.  

- Marc Cooper, CEO


Marc Cooper



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I’ve gained over 10 years’ experience within training and qualification delivery, supporting people into the world of work. I’ve learned to look beyond behaviour and be curious about what stops people meeting their potential. This learning has shaped how School of Automation will support people using a relational approach and the importance of how we set our culture and environment. Leadership is a privilege and we all have the power to be that positive influence in the lives of others.


Mark Henderson

Chief Evangelist

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Mark Henderson, BEng (hon) MBA, Strategic Business and Operational Consultant with Executive Leadership experience in leading transformations across customer, staff, process, technology, facilities, outsourcing and simplified operating models.

Experienced in utilising a combination of customer focused strategy tools such as Group / Decision Explorer®, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and a lean six sigma-based approach to operational process management.


Afonso Nogueira

Head of Shared Services

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More than 25 years’ experience in Leadership and coordination of technology oriented projects including the design of innovative solutions and process reengineering, predominantly in large organisations. 

Founder and partner of ABP Innovation.


Marcello Schmidt

Chief Technology Officer and Trainer

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Seasoned, technically sophisticated RPA, BPM, and Java integration specialist with successful background in process automation, integration architecture across fast paced environments. Comprehensive knowledge of SOA, BPM, and RPA technologies and demonstrated excellence in business infrastructure and systems. Skilled trainer and project leader; possess excellent communication, leadership skills with innate ability to cultivate and lead qualified teams to achieve targeted goals and realise company’s vision.

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Julie Scott

Training and Development Manager

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I have over 30 years’ experience in the training industry and worked in businesses large and small. The qualifications I have delivered are varied across numerous sectors starting from office administration to IT, from level foundation up to level 5 management. I have gained around 20 years’ experience leading teams in training and development organisations. My other achievements have been to help 3 companies to set up to become centres for SQA onto becoming centre of excellence. I am passionate about helping and coaching apprentices to gain qualifications and enhancing their careers this is also reflected on my management style.


Sophia Connolly

Technical Trainer

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“While I've had a varied career, there has been two constants: Education and Technology.
Initially starting out in the field of education, I taught a range of subjects while always maintaining a person-centred approach to my teaching.
In my move to the technology sector, I continued to seek opportunities to teach or mentor others, often getting involved in the set up and delivery of training schemes.
Alongside this, I am skilled in various technologies, specializing in RPA, with over 5 years’ experience in the key roles involved in RPA delivery “ 

ABP Group Chairman

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Jorge Soares

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More than 20 years’ Executive Leadership experience focused in applying IT solutions, predominantly in large organizations operating in highly competitive and complex environments, from a strict technical expertise to the overall management of strategic technology as a vehicle for organizational change and transformation. Since 2014,

  • Founder and CEO of Agile Business Process Consultancy

  • Founder and partner of Agile Business Process Innovation

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