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School of Automation Testimonials


Marlena Woloszyn

Marlena, a former retail manager, pursued her passion for tech through our online training program. She earned a UiPath RPA associate certification while on placement with the Department of Education Ireland. 

“The School of Automation has been a game-changer in my life. Moving to Ireland from Poland in 2010 without a plan, I faced unexpected challenges when my job closed during the pandemic. Struggling to find remote work with two small kids, a timely email from my Intreo officer introduced me to the School of Automation's 12-week course in 2022. Their family-friendly promise and unwavering support proved crucial, and they helped empower me to chase my dream of following a career in automation. I progressed on to their 12-month traineeship and had the incredible opportunity to work on placement for the Department of Education Ireland on real-life RPA projects which confirmed for me that I had the skills to be an RPA Developer. Since graduating in November 2023, SOA continued to support me in looking for jobs and I have accepted an offer as an RPA Developer with Digital Workforce Ireland.”

Employed with

Filip Cosarca

Filip always had a passion for analysing how the things around him work, and over the years, this has led him on the path of Computer Science. Filip completed our 12-week training course before going forward for an interview with NHS Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.
“I extend my gratitude to the School of Automation for their invaluable Trainee program and their referral to the NHS. The course not only provided me with a solid foundation in RPA but also showcased how I can leverage my diverse skills and professional background in a single, fulfilling role. Thank you for the KickStart, SoA!”

Dhiaa Moghdeb

Dhiaa, a multi-talented individual with backgrounds in engineering, business, web design, and marketing, relocated from Syria to Ireland as a refugee. Enthralled by the potential of automation, he joined our 2022 training program, advancing to a 12-month traineeship. Working on RPA projects for the Office of Public Works (OPW) in Ireland, Dhiaa earned a UiPath RPA associate certification. He is now an RPA developer for OPW Ireland upon his November 2023 graduation.

"The School of Automation played a pivotal role in my journey into intelligent automation. Through their comprehensive 12-week training and subsequent 12-month traineeship, I acquired the essential technical and professional skills necessary for a successful career as an RPA Developer. The unwavering support and guidance provided by the SOA Team during my training were invaluable. Since graduating in November 2023, I have been contributing as an RPA Developer at the Office of Public Works, an accomplishment that has positively influenced not only my life but also that of my family.”


Jack Higgins

In 2022, unemployed but with IT experience, Jack applied to our 12-week RPA Developer Course, advancing to our 12-month Software Process Automation traineeship. His dedication secured a placement with Health Service Executive Ireland, leading to dual UiPath certifications. Graduating in November 2023, Jack secured a full-time RPA Developer position with HSE, highlighting his impressive journey from unemployment to a successful career in intelligent automation.

“Through the incredible support of the School of Automation, I was able to go from a novice to a UiPath certified developer, and the chance to gain real-life work experience led to my current position as an RPA Developer with the HSE”.

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