How can SOA help Corporates?

Intelligent Automation Teams

SOA is helping corporates overcome the shortage of automation skills by providing client ready skilled developer resource. Our developers can fit straight into your teams and begin to add value straight away. This model can be turned on and off as and when you require it and there is an option to directly employ developers when you are ready to become self-sufficient.

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Why Choose SOA?

Support your automation intiatives with the right resources

Quality and Competence

Our developer training methodology and approach are very much a mix of theory with real-life practical project application and business context. All developers are trained to be part of agile projects and understand all aspects of a project life-cycle end to end.

  • Project scope – documentation (PDDs, DSD’s)

  • Build – low/ medium complexity

  • User testing – UAT

  • Production – Orchestrator. Monitoring

  • Support

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Client Partnerships 

Costain has become a valued partner of SOA and has tapped into our developer resource model, providing them with a grassroots pipeline of talent while building their own team, wrapping around experienced senior developers, and nurturing those early in their careers. Over the last couple of years, our developers have supported the build of Costain’s “Carbon Capture bot” and been part of many others that are now live in production across their business.​

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