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What we do

Building pathways into the future of work

The key pillar of our services is – relationships.

We believe that significant learning and development only happens in the presence of secure, positive relationships. Also, the relationship between an employer and employee is crucial for the success of any project.

We have developed a selection and training program around this ethos that bridges the gap between education and employment.

Apprenticeship Pathway

School of Automation along with a training partner will take individuals through each step of the journey and prepare them with both the personal and technical skills required for the apprenticeship journey. On completion of training School of Automation will interview successful individuals for employment on the apprenticeship.

Benefits of Apprenticeship:

  • Fully Funded for those who meet eligibility criteria (No age limit)

Starting Salary £18,000
Full support with training and learning throughout
18-month duration leading to continued full-time employment with partners
Visit Lisbon, Portugal to attend an RPA Masterclass and work alongside our partners Agile Business Process

•    Must be 16+
•    Must not be working more than 16 hrs per week on a permanent contract (This excludes those on zero hrs contracts)
•    Must complete 12 week bespoke training and certification course (Full support provided and a funded allowance payment for those eligible)

School of Automation offers a Modern Apprenticeship pathway, the first of its kind, to support individuals entering a career in Automation. Our bespoke personal and technical training will equip and support you to enter this exciting industry.

Our unique approach to learning not only ensures that apprentices remain engaged throughout their programme, it also ensures that the knowledge and skills they develop are quickly applied within the workplace, embedding behaviours and generating improvements that deliver a rapid return on training investment.

Commercial Training

School of Automation offers individuals or businesses the opportunity to upskill or reskill their staff in a range of industry recognised training courses. Our technical team come with over 25 years of experience within the sector and have created the most up to date training content that is fit for purpose and will enable you to progress in your career and meet your potential.

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